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For years there were two basic ways to connect the pad to the skate – skate lace and leather strap. These were basic in design and did do the job, however as the butterfly technique was used more often, many goalies experienced hip, knee and ankle pains. These pains are generally intensified by the lack of give in a skate lace or leather strap. With the Toe Hook, the attachment uses a stretchable cord to attach the pad to the skate. This takes the jerking effect away from the lack give of a lace or strap has. In theory the pressure of the hips, knees and angles is decreased by a greater range of movement and a smoother range of movement. The Toe Hook also has a performance benefit as it allows the goalie to have a great attach angle on the goalie skate/blade when moving laterally while being in the butterfly technique.
Toe Hook Features
Works with most pads and all skate models
Uses 14-guage stainless steel to resist bending, with Heavy Duty tie wraps and elastic cord for durability
Elastic stretches up to 3.5 inches – great for butterfly or standup goalies
Package includes 2 Toe Hooks, 4 elastic extensions, assorted screws, ties and instructions
Younger goalies can put pads on by themselves
Toe Hook Vs. Competitors
There are different options on the goalie market for toe attachment systems. We feel that the Toe Hook is the best choice when it comes to toe attachments. First we feel that the quality of the parts used is superior and holds up better then the competition. Other competitor products have been known to fail mid game with pieces going every where leaving the pad unable to be fixed. Once this happens the pad will flop around the leg since there is nothing to anchor it to the toe. Another feature of the Toe Hook is it is easy to put on and take off. Other systems can be complicated and down right frustrating to put on and to use. All things considered, we feel the Toe Hook is the best option on the market today.

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