Hockey is a rough game and it’s even rougher on your gloves! As most hockey players can tell you, the Nash palms on hockey gloves wear out over time due to the constant rubbing of the material on your stick. Worst of all, the only way to solve the issue of wearing a hole through your palm was to either send your gloves away to have brand new palms sewn in or to buy new gloves. UNTIL NOW….

Chameleon Sports is proud to announce the launch of their newest product, PALMSKINZ! PalmSkinz are sheets of the same Ivory Nash palm material that is used on most player glove and goalie blocker palms but with an adhesive backing. Palm repair is now as easy as cutting the shape you need, peeling the backing off and sticking it on your glove just like a sticker! No more need for long wait times or shipping expenses while you wait for your glove palms to be repaired. Fix it yourself in a matter of minutes with PalmSkinz. PalmSkinz are also not permanent and completely removable!